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“Coal Power Sector in China, Japan, and South Korea: Current and the Way Forward for a Cleaner Energy System”

A press release titled “Coal Power Sector in China, Japan, and South Korea: Current Status and the Way Forward for a Cleaner Energy System” was held in the morning of 6th at the COP24. The press release is organized by China Civil Climate Action Network(CCAN) and the aim is to issue the Report, which is jointly produced by the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean NGOs.
The Press Release took place in the Press Conference Room ‘Theatre’, located in the International Congress Centre of Katowice, Poland.
Zhao Ang is the member ofthe author team, Director of Rock Environmental and Energy Institute(REEI). He talked about the main idea of the Chinese and South Korean part . ‘A systematic energy transition policy and strategy is crucial to ensure a long-term and effective process of phasing out coal. To tackle climate change, address air pollution, and pursue a low-carbon energy system, China shall be ready to welcome an era of relatively high cost of energy use as an integrated assessment of cost-benefit of coal power to support a renewable energy transition. ’ He said.
Kimiko Hirata, International Director from the Kiko Network briefly introduced the main idea of the Japanese part regarding this report. ‘The coal use in the energy mix has risen in recent years. When Japan exported coal technology to other countries, they needed to consider the impact posing on other developing countries and requirements under Paris Agreement to cope with climate change.’ She noted.
This report is jointly produced by Co-founder and Deputy Director of Rock Environment and Energy Institute Lin Jiaqiao, Manager of Tokyo Office Kiko Network Takato Momoi, and Climate and Energy coordinator Korea Federation for Environmental Movements Jieon Lee, which took almost two years to prepare.