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Training of capacity-building projects in Lanzhou

July 10, 2018-July 12, 2018, the Regional training for Social Organization participation in Community Development was successfully held in Lanzhou, Gansu. Training theme: the ability of social organizations to raise funds.
The training was sponsored by the China Association for the NGO cooperation and co-organized by Gansu Xingbang Social work Service Center. The aim of the training is to promote institutional fund-raising skills through training and familiarize themselves with major fund-raising tools and methods. Expand institutional funding channels and promote two-way communication between institutions and channels. After preliminary selection, 30 participants from 25 social organizations from Heilongjiang, Gansu and Shanxi participated in the training.
At the opening ceremony, Liu Yangyang, deputy director of the training Department of the China Association for the NGO cooperation, briefed the participants on the basic situation of the Association and the project. At the same time, she thanked the participants for their strong support for the project.
On the 10th, Zhou Peng, Senior Director of Operations of the Beijing Representative Office of the Badi Foundation of Macao, adopted a participatory discussion approach, analyzed the financing from three aspects: height, breadth and depth, and put forward five elements of the theory of change; Combined with the development framework of public welfare organizations at home and abroad, this paper defines the nature of public welfare organizations and concludes that capital is a resource rather than a goal to solve social problems.
On the 11th, the lecturer Zhou Peng made a full explanation of the change of perspective between public welfare organizations and donors, the establishment of new relationships, and analyzed two cases from the perspective of enterprises and foundations, so that students could look at financing from different perspectives. In the afternoon, teacher Ma Yu-sheng, the initiator and dean of Gansu Xingbang yijiayi College, shared with the students the experience of the Gansu Xingbang Social work Service Center in raising funds  from the government to buy services.
On the 12, Ma Yunlong, a public benefit trainer of Gansu Xingbang Yijiayi College, introduced the rules of 99 Public Welfare Day, and shared some valuable fund-raising experiences of Gansu Xingbang on 99 public welfare. Students asked questions and spoke enthusiastically, and each cadet group produced a mission-based fundraising plan to assess whether it was feasible.