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Training of capacity-building projects in Nanjing

July 25, 2018-July 27, 2018, the Regional training for Social Organization participation in Community Development was successfully held in Nanjing. Training theme: NGO brand design training.
The training was sponsored by the China Association for the NGO cooperation and organized by Friends of Green in Jiangsu. The purpose of the training is to enhance NGO combing and build brand project capabilities through training. To assist NGO in raising funds on the basis of brand projects; and to facilitate collaboration between NGO and the government to bring the project to the ground in the community. After preliminary selection, 27 participants from 22 social organizations from Jiangsu, Changsha and Chongqing participated in the training.
On the 25th, President Zhang Fei of the Huang Jueshu Young Social work Development Association of Chongqing City and Director Peng Haiyan of the Philharmonic Social work Service Center in Changsha shared their respective organizational experiences. Professor Deng Weijie, deputy dean of Tourism College of Sichuan Agricultural University, explained the connotation, characteristics and financing points of 99 Public Welfare Day, and concluded that the important role of brand is to create continuous stakeholder value. On the 26th, Professor Deng combined with the project logic framework to make students understand the project management from results-based project management (RBM) to brand based project management (BBM),) because BBM not only focuses on results, but also on process. Participants also made strategic adjustments to this yearundefineds 99 Public interest Day project planning book.
On the 27th, every social organization shared this year undefineds 99 Public interest Day project plan. And by everybody comments together, points out the inadequacies and then corrects.