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Promoting Gender Equality and Planning for the Future: China Civic Gender Network 2019 Annual Conference

On April 10th and 11th, China Civic Gender Network (CCGN) 2019 Annual Conference was held in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunan Province. The conference was organized by China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), and co-organized by Kunming Farming Culture Center. 27 representatives and experts from 16 organizations attended the conference. This conference aims to share and collect the member organizations’ working experiences on gender-related issues. Based on the experiences, the conference wishes to adjust CCGN’s working plan of  2019, and develop a three-year plan for 2020-2022.
Thanks to the experienced moderators and experts, the atmosphere of the conference was quite enthusiastic. Ms. Guo, Ruixiang, who is former project officer of the UN Women, and Ms. Cai, Yiping from Beijing Kangzhong Health Education and Service Center, were the two moderators of this conference. They used participatory instruments and methods to really involve the attendees into the discussions. The attendees shared their working experiences and challenges actively, and brainstormed the future plan. The conference also has the honor to have other two experts: Prof. Liu, Meng and Ms. Long, Jiangwen. Prof. Liu is the Dean of College of Law and Political Science, Zhejiang Normal University. And Ms. Long is one of the Standing Councilors of CANGO. Along with the moderators, the two experts substantially involved into the discussions and the group works. With their constructive advice and suggestions, the conference successfully produced a draft plan for 2020-2022.
In addition to making future plans, the conference also offers an opportunity for attendees to update their knowledge sets. On the afternoon of April 11th, Prof. Liu gave a lecture with the topic of “Gender Sensitive Social Work with Participatory Methods.” The lecture was delivered in the order of “What,” “Why,” and “How.” Prof. Liu first interpreted the concepts of “Gender Sensitive,” “Social Work,” and “Participatory Methods.” Then, with several real-life cases, she explained the reason, and showed attendees how to do. All the attendees felt they had some gains from the lecture.
At the end of the conference, staff from CCGN Secretariat organized the reelection of CCGN’s Member Committee. The five new Committee members are: Jiamusi City ESCO Sustainable Development Association, CANGO, Red Phoenix Project Volunteer Association, Qingshen County Association for Rural Women and Children Development Promotion and Blue Ribbon Ocean Conservation Association, Sanya City.
To sum up, this conference not only provided valuable insights on CCGN’s future development, but also enhanced attendees’ abilities.

Two Moderators Hosting the Conference

Ms. Long in the Group Work

Prof. Liu Giving the Lecture

Group Photo