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The 2017 Service&Exchange Meeting of CANGO Was Successfully Held

On August 22, the "2017 Service&Exchange Meeting of CANGO", funded by the German Heinrich Boll Foundation, was successfully held in Beijing. HUANG Haoming, Chairman of CANGO, LIU Kaiyang, Executive Director of China NGO Network for International Exchanges, ZHANG Jianyu, Executive Member of the CANGO’s Council, and representatives from international organizations as well as CANGO’s member organizations, nearly 40 individuals in total have been presented at the meeting.

Within the strategic framework of Belt and Road, in addition to the active participation of government and enterprises, Chinese social organizations’ role should also be attached importance. Chinese social organizations also need to constantly explore the significance and methods of internationalization, especially promote the field of People-to-People Connectivity to give full play to the role of social organizations. In 2016, China introduced two Laws, the Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China and Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China as milestone events, of which the implementation has brought opportunities and challenges to the development of Chinese and overseas social organizations. This meeting summarized the impact brought by these two Laws on the development of social organizations and had a discussion on experience in the aspect of internalization with member organizations.

ZHAO Daxing, Executive Director of CANGO, delivered an opening speech at the meeting, summarizing the achievements of CANGO over the past half year. In accordance with the spirit of the 2016 Financing Work Conference, CANGO has actively broadened the thinking, conduct several fund-raising activities, for a better service for the development of public welfare. 

The thematic speech of Dr HUANG Haoming brought a deep analysis of the problems encountered by Chinese social organizations due to introduction and implementation of two Laws. After that, a discussion was leaded to answer some specific questions by member organizations.

The thematic speech given by LIU Kaiyang, Executive Director of China NGO Network for International Exchanges - Experience sharing of Going-gobal by Chinese social organizations

The thematic speech given by ZHANG Jianyu, Chief Delegate of Ameriacan Environmental Defense Fund - A Plan for the Belt and Road of AEDF.

The thematic speech given by QIAN Xiaofeng, Director of Strategic Development of Save the Children - The Country’s Development Strategy under the New Laws.

On the morning of August 23, CANGO invited all participants to pay a visit of the Institute for Philanthropy Tsinghua University, Dr LI Yong expressed the warm welcome and gave a brief introduction on the research direction of the Institute. He also kindly answered the questions of participants. Some participants said that, since 2009, the service program for member organizations has built an excellent communication platform, providing a forward-looking information sharing for them. They had been looking forward to participating the next one already.