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Collective Wisdom Gather to Disseminate Chinese Voice on Climate Change – CCAN Ten-year Strategy Meeting _Beijing

From August 24th-25th, CCAN 10-Year Strategy Meeting was held in Beijing. 30 CCAN members and partner organizations from 15 different provinces and cities took part in the meeting in order to review the past ten-year progress of CCAN and discuss future development strategies.

Group photo of CCAN 10th Strategy Meeting
Zhao Daxing, Executive Director of CANGO gave the welcoming speech. “CANGO will continue to support the development of CCAN, participate in UNFCCC Climate Change Conference under the guidance of related department of national bodies, transmit the voice of NGOs coping with Climate Change, advocate on a fair and just global climate governance; Actively involved in the cooperation between developing countries on climate change, exchange knowledge and experience, carry out pilot activities and make contribution on 'Belt and Road' ecological civilization.”

Zhao Daxing, Executive director of CANGO in his given welcoming speech
“During the past 10 years, CCAN has obtained some achievements and face the bottleneck and challenges. Looking into the future, we will hit our heads on the problem, expand the domestic funding sources, develop the robust web support system to cope with climate change.” Li Li, representative of board members and President of Environ-friends Institute of Environmental Science and Technology.  

Li Li, representative of CCAN board members given speech
Yang Fuqiang, Senior Consultant of National Resource Defense Councial (NRDC) made a statement. “The effectiveness of Paris Agreement is until 2030, and after 2030 there will be a new convention taking effect, putting forward enornous challenge to us. Around 2025, a new cliamte negotiation will be started. CCAN should be prepared to play the key role in future 10 years, to sharp the sword, and broadly mobilise member state and member countries to cope with the climate change. 10 years after, we expect a Beijing climate change convention could be reached, CCAN would assump this responsibility and fulfill its significant historical mission.

Yang Fuqiang, Senior Consultant of NRDC given speech
Zhang Rou, Project Manager from Beijing Representative office of Heinrich Boll Foundation, Chen Lingyan, Project Manager from Energy Foundation (China), Zhang Yan, Project Manager from Beijing Representative Office of Mercator Foundation(Germany); Chen Xin, Acting Director from Beijing Representative Office of WWF(Switzerland ), Lu Zhiyao, Senior Program Officer from SEE Foundation, jointly expressed the wishes to continue to provide CCAN with the funding and other sources to support the work and programs cope with climate change.

Zhang Rou, project Manager from Heinrich Boll Foundation given speech
Acknowledgements were awarded by Zhao Daxing, Executive Director from CANGO. to donors, CarbonStop company, Yang Fuqiang, Zhang Chengyi, Zhang Zhiqiang, Zhuang Guiyang, Li Li and other enterprises and individuals who have supported CCAN.

Thank-you notes awarded by Zhao Daxing, Executive Director from CANGO to donors of CANGO
Representatives of CCAN members jointly reviewed the course of CCAN in the past ten-year development. From 2007 till now, CCAN continuously focus on the climate negotiation and supported 86 representatives from 20 NGOs to participate in UNFCCC Climate change conference, where organized side events and bilateral talks, and submitted CCAN position paper to climate change conference to transmit the voice of civil societies of China to UNFCCC Secretariat. At the same time, CCAN also conducted policy research, participated in domestic climate legislation and supported members carry out climate change education training and low carbon day activities...,etc,.
Representatives of CCAN members also jointly discussed the future development strategy and action plan. CCAN will seek further development in aspect of branding program, international collaborations and capacity building, etc,.” CCAN Secretariat will jointly promote the implementation of existing action plan with our member organization under the guidance of board .” said Wang Xiangyi, representative of CCAN Secretariat, Chief of International Department of CANGO.

Representatives of CCAN members on discussing CCAN strategy
A board meeting was arranged at the end of the strategy meeting. 4 operable action plans, including information exchange sharing meeting, Eco-education map, Chinese climate change story and Core media group were chosen by board members. In the future CCAN will gather collective wisdom to disseminate Chinese voice on climate change.