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China-Myanmar Civil Charitable Exchange Activity held in Beijing on 24th, June

On 24th June, the China-Myanmar Civil Charitable Exchange Activity was held successfully in Beijing. 30 representatives and experts from Health Poverty Action from UK (HPA), Myanmar Kokang Social Welfare Foundation, Myanmar Kokang Charity Federation, Myanmar Wa Women Federation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), Macao Badi Foundation, China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (AIEP), China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), Xinjiang Huiguang Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Sicheng Community Foundation and Social Management Institute of Beijing Normal University attended the activity and discussed together the issue on the topic of NGO capacity building.
The activity was divided into two links, mutual understanding and open-ended discussion. The first part was hosted by Mr. Zhangjun, Director of East-Asia Office of HPA. He said that the Civil Society has become an important force in global governance, the purpose of this activity is to provide a communication platform for strengthening NGOs’ capacity building. Global Vice President from HPA, Mr. Mauricio, also attended this activity and introduced the HPA. He hopes to strengthen NGOs’communication and cooperation by this good chance. Mr. Huang Haoming, Vice Chairman & Executive Director of CANGO introduced the CANGO and indicated that CANGO has been paid great attention to the exchanges with neighboring countries, in recent years, over 100 China NGOs have been trying to go out, this activity is significant. Mr. Liu Zhengqi, Chairman of Myanmar Myanmar Kokang Charity Federation introduced the federation and pointed out many difficulties they met in charitable activities in Myanmar. He hopes to get advices from Chinese experts and the support from China NGOs. Mr. Sun Hongwei, Executive Director of Myanmar Kokang Social Welfare Foundation also pointed out the difficulties they have met in Myanmar from three aspects of education, health care and disaster and they urgently needed the support from China NGOs. Mr. Dong Jiaqiang, manager of Project Department of HPA, introduced the activities of HPA in Myanmar. Mrs. Zhang Manli who is Assistant Executive Director of CANGO shared the experiences of capacity building. Mrs. Lin Yuan from International Development Department of CFPA, who is now the Deputy Director of CFPA Office in Myanmar, introduced the international projects of CFPA. All the introductions have deepened the mutual understanding of the NGOs present.
Six experienced experts were invited to attend the exchange activity to share their experiences and also gave their advices and comments to the Myanmar NGOs participants. Mr. Guo Jingming, Project Advisor of CANGO, pointed out that it’s important to strengthen the capacity building, meanwhile the NGOs should also keep good relationship with governments; Mr. Shi Zhongcheng, former Director of AIEP, indicated that the NGOs should learn how to use the relation with government and media, strengthen international cooperation, increase non-governmental exchanges activities, promote policy discussions to create conditions for China NGOs to enter Myanmar; Mr. Zhou Peng, Supervisor of Macao Badi Foundation in Beijing Office said that the key to improve building capacity is to construct  effective   organization structure, classify the problems, he also hopes to do the training for Myanmar local NGOs; Mr. Zhang Wangcheng, Professor of Beijing Normal University indicated that the NGOs should learn how to identify their partners, as for the fund shortage issue raised by Myanmar Charities, the crowed funding on internet can be a solution or they can seek aid from their government; Mrs. Sun Liping, board member of Beijing Sicheng Community Foundation added that the foundation of fund raising of public charity is on the account of the trust of society and donors, the crowed funding is an important fund-raising method which deserves to have a try, meanwhile the culture communication is one of the important content of China-Myanmar NGOs communication; Mr. Tudi Aili, Director of Xinjiang Huiguang Association for Science and Technology pointed out that it’s better to share the resources between China and Myanmar NGOs, and his organization has accumulated quite a lot experiences concerning poverty alleviation by technology, and he invited Myanmar Charities to have a tour study to Xinjiang. The second part of this activity was hosted by Mr. Huang Haoming. The open-ended discussion was in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Before the end of this activity, the representative from Myanmar Kokang Charity Federation, Mr. Liu Jianren, appreciated for this activity and expressed his sincere greetings to the leaders and experts, he said he learned a lot from it.