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The Fourth Batch of International Youth Volunteers Come to Jiamusi Once Again

The “French Youth Volunteer Service Project”, which is funded by the French government and jointly launched by CANGO and Eurasia Net, is once again settled in Jiamusi in the early spring. DODDI Laura and PAPE Melodie Anne, two French volunteers sent by Eurasia Net, are to provide three-month volunteer services in Jiamusi Education, Science and Culture Association for Sustainable Development and Jiamusi Vocational Education Group, respectively.
Jiamusi Education, Science and Culture Association for Sustainable Development and Jiamusi Vocational Education Group have received 7 international volunteers from Italy, Spain and France since 2014. The international volunteers make active efforts to spread European culture, teach foreign languages, participate in local cultural and community activities, and thoroughly learn Chinese customs and practices during their stay in Jiamusi. The two French volunteers of this batch will actively exchange teaching experiences and explore the differences and similarities between Chinese and French vocational schools with local institutions, and exchange the measures and experiences in environmental protection of the two countries with local environmentalists and volunteers. The local institutions will also organize activities for them, such as local folk activities, Chinese and English language training, calligraphy and painting, handicraft-making and Chinese-tea learning, as well as oriental and European cuisine exchange. In addition to cultural exchange, the international volunteers will visit and greet the poor elderly with no family, together with local volunteers.
Within the two weeks after they arrived, the French volunteers have taken part in Chinese food cooking learning held in the catering training base of the Training College of Jiamusi Vocational Education Group. With the instructor’s help, two beautiful French girls completed the cooking of stuffed pan-seared pepper/mixed flesh, a Northeast special cuisine. Tasting the Chinese food they cooked themselves, the volunteers praised constantly. In the art classroom of the Education College of Jiamusi Vocational Education Group, the traditional Chinese painting teacher taught the volunteers personally to complete the painting works entitled “Golden Autumn”. Being very talented, the two girls won applauses from teachers and students by completing the painting successfully and uploading the works to their friends far away in France happily. They were particularly happy to attend the Chinese traditional origami class, together with students of the kindergarten teacher training class, and their faces were full of smile after finishing the works. During the event, volunteers got along very well with teachers and students of Jiamusi Vocational Education Group and left a good impression on everyone.
Another two international volunteers from Slovenia will come to Jiamusi in early April and they will carry out urban farming practices with local institutions.
As the international volunteers studied and worked in Jiamusi, Jiamusi Education, Science and Culture Association for Sustainable Development and Jiamusi Vocational Education Group also recruited more local young volunteers to join to expand the influence of the project; in the meantime, the two institutions actively conducted in-depth communication with the international volunteer agency, striving to expand and enhance the international communication skills of volunteer receiving institutions.
Attachment: Pictures
Figure 1: The first batch of 2 volunteers, including 1 from Italy and 1 from Spain

Two international volunteers are exchanging cultural views with students of Jiamusi Vocational Education Group
Figure 2: The second batch of 2 volunteers, both from France

Two volunteers are attending the wedding of a young Chinese

Volunteers participate in outdoor activities with local youth.
Figure 3: The third batch of 3 volunteers, including 2 from Italy and 1 from Poland (girl in the left)

Volunteers live a happy life in Jiamusi
Figure 4: The fourth batch of 2 volunteers coming from France

Volunteers are receiving capacity-building training