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The training held in Beijing on 17th July 2014

17th July 2014, CANGO organized institutional assessment for Beijing Leling Cooperatives, this also means that the tailored training launched formally. CANGO invited four experts to participate in this assessment, who are Mr. Huang Haoming, Vice Chairman & Executive Director of CANGO; Prof. Zhang Wangcheng, associate professor of sociology of Beijing Normal University; Mr. Shi Zhongcheng, former director of Department of Policies and Laws, SAFEA and Advisors of CANGO; Mr. Zhou Peng, the senior project officer, the Badi foundation. 
The assessment developed by a combination method, which includes self-assessment, the site discussion, and expert assessment, it has carried on a comprehensive assessment covered from basic conditions, internal governance, performance and social impact. The three main management staff of Beijing Leling raised issues that they faced during the institution development. The experts carried on analysis according to these raised issues. Beijing Leling will develop an internal meeting to summarize this assessment and to raise training needs. CANGO is launching a further training based on their need and the result of expert’s assessment. 
The tailored training is a sub-activity of “Promoting NGO Development – Enhance Policy Advocacy and Improve NGO Professionalism project”. The four typical NGOs from three different service areas will be selected for a tailored training. The expert will assess the development status of these NGOs and key issues they are confronted with, and then they will provide a diagnostic training plan as well as tracking counseling and an expert consultation session. Between the expert evaluation and consultation, one training session will be organized. The aim is to promoting the healthy development of the institutions.