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The regional training on NGO professionalism for North West part of China held in Xining, Qinghai Province

The regional training on NGO professionalism for North West part of China held in Xining, Qinghai Province from 25th – 27th June 2014, hosted by Qinghai Association of Social Works. The regionaltraining is key component of “Promoting NGO Development – Enhance Policy Advocacy and Improve NGO Professionalism project”; the main subject of this training classified at NGO internal management. The regional training invited Mr. Zhoupeng as trainer, the senior project officer who working on the Badi foundation; also invited Mr. Lai Yingcai, chairman of Qinghai Association of Social Works and Mr. Ma Yusheng, director of Gansu XingBang Social Work Serving Center shared case study. In total of 35 trainees from 32 NGOs (from Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi province) participated in this regional training. 
“Capacity improving” was core objective for this regional training. It not limited by a particular service area or specific skill. The aim is to improving capacity building of individuals and institutions through by experiential reflection and learning from different NGOs as well as some internationals. The trainer introduced four main aspects in the training, which including knowledge’s generation, application and expansion; build a conceptual framework; a capacity of management to identity and develop in human resources management and modest learning attitude. The participatory method was adopted in the whole training. The trainees participated in different form activities such as the group discussion, case analysis and role-play, to reflect in understanding of capacity on the previous work. It also give a clear explanation that management is a generalized concept and contains a knowledge hierarchy with different areas of institutions operation. The trainees to explore and make its own conceptual framework, also to reflect the concept of capacity building through four aspects as project implementation, human resource management, project monitoring, evaluation and financing. During the training, trainer and trainees developed individual and group plan for further study and work, it may promote organizational management capacity of NGO in the future.
The regional training will lunch 9 sessions training in three different regional areas, each session has one follow-up activity for evaluation and experience sharing of trainees, ideally six months after the training. Selected NGOs has to be regional core/leading organizations. Trainings will be delivered to them first, and they will pass on the knowledge to other local NGOs through further trainings organized by themselves, so that regional capacity building networks can be established. After the regional training in North West part of China, CANGO will develop the similar regional training, in turn, for NGOs based on southwest and middle part of China according to the project schedule.