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China Civil Climate Action Network strategy workshop held in Beijing

July 26-28, 2013, a three-day CCAN strategy workshop focused on CCAN network development was held in Beijing.28 representatives from the CCAN secretariat (CANGO) and network member and observer organizations participated in the workshop,
The workshop adopted participatory method, several CCAN members were invited to act as facilitator. CCAN's vision and mission statements were reviewed and further identified by means of consultation and discussion involving all network members. CCAN’s vision is to become active power of Chinese civil society to address climate change, to realize achieve climate justice and sustainable development. CCAN’s mission is to build an open, democratic and efficient collaboration platform of Chinese NGOs, integrate internal and external network resources, support members’ action, strengthen capacity building, carry out domestic and international exchange and cooperation, and foster Chinese NGOs to play an important role in the process of addressing climate change.
During the three days, CCAN members’ needs, network resources and decision-making mechanisms were thoroughly discussed and the group achieved consensus. Base on this, a three-year strategy framework and detailed work plan for CCAN in 2014 were discussed. Over the next three years, CCAN will carry out a series of activities on climate change: integration online and offline, flexible use of various channels, expand our own media platform actively, improve the network’s influence, establish good communication channels with Chinese government agencies and the international community, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, conduct regular network meetings and capacity building trainings, further strengthen network capability building, design and implement the network brand action.
During the workshop, all the members elected the new CCAN boardmembers which include LiLi from Beijing Envirofriends, Wang Xiangyifrom CANGO,ChuXumin from Green Zhejiang,BaiYunwen from Greenovation Hub and Li Chaoran from Shanghai Yangtze Delta Ecology Society. The board members will decide CCAN development strategy and action strategy, at the same time supervise the work of the secretariat, and assist to carry out our work.