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EAT Smart Project: Training Course in Beijing

From 17th to 22nd of March 2013, CANGO organized the first international event of Eat Smart Project in Beijing, the Traning Course. In this occasion around 22 people from four different countries, China Italy France and Vietnam, came to Beijing to share and open their minds to a creative way of conceiving culinary traditions and sustainable consumption. Coordinated by CESIE Italy, Pistes Solidaires France and SJ Vietnam, young chefs and video makers had the opportunity to learn from each others, exchange good practices and develop an intercultural dialogue around food in the four-day event.
Divided in three main parts (theorical learning, practical learning and discussions), this week gave chance to youth to present their countries’ culinary cultures in a creative way. In one hand, European participants learned about the importance of the concept of health in Asian food culture, and fruits and vegetables growing different parts of China and Vietnam ; in the other hand,youth from China and Vietnam had the chance to understand more about classic European dinners through theartrical presentations performed by Italian and French teams.
In the afternoons of 19th and 20th, youth from four countries focused on cooking dishes which was served as diner later. During cookings, chefs shared their knowledges and also learned new technical skills ; while video makers took photos and videos, exchanged on skills and discussed the workplan of documentary. Vietnamese sping rolls, Chinsese dumplings, Italian noodle or French foie gras were served and appreciated by everyone.
Finally the week ended with discussions about the next step of EAT Smart Project : 6 local workshops in four countries, Food Fair in Palermo Italy in September2013. This week is a success for all the participants and put a lot of expectations and hopesfor future steps of this project.