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On 16 November, the 2011 Civil Society/Volunteering Forum between Korea, China and Japan was held in Seoul, South Korea. Haoming Huang, Vice Chairman and  Executive Director of CANGO, Liu Yintuo, project coordinator of CANGO’s research department participated in the forum which was jointly hosted by Korea Forum Volunteerism (KVF), CANGO, Japan International Institute for Volunteering Research (JIVRI). Kim Kyong-Dong, President of KVF, welcomed the guests including China and Japan on the opening ceremony. He expressed his hope that the forum could be a professional one and become a good way to make efforts on communication and cooperation between NGOs, communities and people around Asia. He also hoped NGOs could play their unique role in this forum.
Mr. Huang Haoming gave a keynote speech at the meeting and expounded the relational changes on Chinese civil society organizations and government. legal frameworks and policy. Through the systemic analysis of the Chinese SARS event, the Wenchuan earthquake and Yushu earthquake, he introduced the relationship between NGOs and government, NGOs role in the process of preventing disasters, emergency relief and re-construction. Within the framework of law and policies, he explained the changes of Chinese legal framework and policy arrangements. Mr. Huang’s suggestion was to make a relationship between execution and guidance partnership, coordination and guidance between government and NGOs. He exchanged views with delegates from other countries.
During another session of forum, Dr Zhang Wangcheng, from Beijing Normal University of China, introduced the efforts of Chinese volunteer research and participation in disaster relief work. Mr. Jian Qiwei, from World Vision China, introduced the role and status of World Vision in Mainland China in disaster management and the challenges.
Over more than 100 participants attended the meeting. The discussion also touched upon the role, status, experience, research of civil societies in China, Japan and Korea.