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Global Perspective 2011 – The International CSO Leaders’ Forum in Berlin

From 9th-11th of November, CANGO’s project coordinator Wang Lu attended the annual International CSO Leaders’ Forum organized by the Berlin Civil Society Center. This year’s “Global Perspective 2011” concentrated on two main topics: how ICSOs can contribute to the achievements of the MDGs, and how the global shift in economic and political power affects ICSOs? 104 CSO management representatives, experts and key stakeholders from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America attended the conference.
Assistant Secretary-General from UNDP, Olav Kjoerven, shared the UNDP’s perspective on MDG achievements and remaining challenges, and discussed with the plenary how the UN and ICSOs can work together most effectively to strengthen their advocacy efforts and jointly secure continuation of global efforts towards an equitable and sustainable world beyond 2015.
The work sessions threw light on several important issues: identify the key asks from CSOs at the fourth High-level Forum (HLF) in Busan, since the focus of this year’s HLF will shift from aid transfer and management to development effectiveness; how to preserve and increase the political weight of CSOs at global level; how to develop the space for civil society in emerging economies, etc.
In the work session, Wang Lu introduced CANGO to the group and shared CANGO’s work and experiences in the field of NGO capacity building and nationwide network building, to which the group members showed great interests. CANGO’s contribution to civil society development in China was also widely recognized.
After analyzing ICSO’s new chances and challenges against the background of global power shift, the conference participants reached consensus on the coping strategies in the process of transformation, so that ICSO’s will remain effective and influential in their work at regional, national and international levels.