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Field trip to Jiamusi city of Hei Longjiang Province Completed

During November 9-10, Mr. Bi Xinxin and Ms. Lou Han of CANGO went to Jiamusi city, Hei Longjiang Province for an investigation on food production and climate change. On November 9, a bilateral communication meeting was held in the office of Dongfeng disctrict of Jiamusi city with several local governmental officials, manager of seed company, as well as director of cooperative association relating agricultural production. They introduced the local situation of agricultural production, the impacts of climate change, and the responding measures they have adopted as stakeholders. On the second day, Mr. Bi and Ms. Lou conducted household questionnaire survey accompanied by local governmental officials in Jianguo and West Taiping Villages. Information about food production and climate impacts as well as responding measures was recorded from the perspective of farmers.
This field trip is part of the food and climate change project, based on which the project will produce a research report on food production and climate change. An analysis of food production model in China and policy recommendations on responding to climate change will be contributed to the report as well.