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2011 International Conference on Aid and Development Effectiveness

On September 1-2, 2011, the “2011 International Conference on Aid and Development Effectiveness” was held in Seoul, South Korea. The event was organized by the Asia Foundation Korea office, the Korea Civil Society Forum on International Development Cooperation (KoFID), the Korea NGO Council for Overseas Cooperation (KCOC), and Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) Korea. In total 72 representatives from45 NGOs and academic institutes of 13 countries attended this conference, including China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, East Timor, USA, Canada and Belgium.Ms. Wang Xiangyi, Deputy Chief of CANGOs Project Management Department as Chinese NGO representative attended this conference.
All participating NGOs were membership and platform organizations and this conference provided a good opportunity for these participants to discuss how to strengthen the capacity and increase the role of NGOs.
The conference contents included three sessions: 1. introduction of the international background and latest progress of aid and development effectiveness, 2. experience sharing of different countries' platform organizations, 3. dialogue between Korean government and civil society on the 4th OECD High Level Forum in Busan.
During the session of national platform organization’s experience sharing, Ms. Wang Xiangyi introduced CANGO’s experience on membership service, network building, NGOs capacity building, policy advocacy and international exchange. The participants were very interested in CANGO’s work, especially for network building and NGO capacity building. They also wished to know more about the progress of the Open Forum on Aid and Development Effectiveness in China, as well as Chinese NGOs’ preparation and participation for the 4th OECD High Level Forum in Busan. As the initiating organization of the Open Forum on Aid and Development Effectiveness, CANGO needs to carry out discussions with five other core group member organizations on how to promote Chinese NGOs capacity of engagement in the international process of aid and development effectiveness, and how to strengthen exchange and interaction with the global open forum coordination organization and platform organizations from other countries.